Chinese Anti-Foreigner Discrimination

How bigoted Chinese discriminate against Non-chinese in every way, from banking, shopping, tourism to law

Yu Manlun 餘滿倫, vice director of East Asian Bank (Hong Kong), Nanjing Branch
Yu Manlun (餘滿倫), vice director of East Asian Bank, Nanjing who colluded with notary officers to forge documents necessary to steal Mr. Shannon Woodrow's apartment and trap him in China. Mr. Yu ordered that Woodrow's apartment be siezed when his mortgage payment was late by one day. Woodrow was forced to get a loan with this bank because mainland banks cannot loan to non-Chinese

On 2014/11/05 Mr. Shannon Woodrow was refused dental treatment from a dentist at Gulou Provincial Dental because he wasn't Chinese. Throughout 2010 to 2013, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, Nanjing Bank, Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Woodrow , though meeting gold card requirements with a high salary, long-term residency etc., was refused a credit card without even looking at his criteria. I was refused a credit card in 2012 from Industrial Bank on the basis that I wasn't Chinese. In May of 2014, Woodrow went to several hotels in Yunnan Province, Sichuan Province, sometimes walking around all the way through the wee-hours of the night, carrying a valid Chinese tourist visa, and was refused rooms in almost all hotels. The hotels that would take him told him they could take him for double their posted price (which is already inflated). This is standard all over China, including Nanjing. [1][2] (and a sample law here in Chinese). On 2014/07/03 Woodrow, Mr. Ian Clark, and Woodrow's lawyers were refused the right to sue Qinhuai Notary in Qinhuai District Court on the basis that he wasn't Chinese (the specific language is always "不涉外") (Meanwhile, Lola and her parents have put up two cases against Woodrow, both of which are baseless cases, and the court didn't care, they just let them put up the cases). Also, non-Chinese are not allowed to sit in on public court sessions.

At 10:44 am on 2014/08/17, Clark was refused to be granted legal control over his own phone number, which has never been given to him since it was first established in the year 2000, on the basis that he's not Chinese. Currently many Americans are celebrating China's richest man, "Jack Ma", but little do they know, on his online shopping service (the largest in China) and on his payment system "Alipay", non-Chinese cannot verify their accounts simply on the basis they are non-Chinese. Other services can verify non-Chinese accounts. Also little do they know, though they might have bought shares ont he New York stock exchange, they aren't allowed to buy stock (by law) in Alibaba, according to a law that non-Chinese cannot buy stock in certain types of Chinese companies. [1][2] In Shanghai train stations, it's impossible for non-Chinese to buy tickets from vending machines, which means all non-Chinese have to take a long walk to another office and stand in a special line for non-Chinese only to buy their tickets. In Shanghai and Beijing airports, for example, most Chinese airlines do not support automatic check-in (via teller machine) to anyone who is non-Chinese, on the basis they are non-Chinese. They must wait in long lines, when Chinese do not have to. Chinese have also excluded non-Chinese from buying train tickets online via anti-foreigner discrimination from the bank system and payment systems like Alipay. In some cases, some non-Chinese have found ways around these problems, yet the general problem persists for most non-Chinese. Today, in many tourist locations in China, non-Chinese and Chinese pay different prices for entry tickets, and non-Chinese are often refused entry altogether. For example, in Nanjing, non-Chinese are refused entry into the Mao Zedong Artifacts Exhibition. Why? You're not Chinese! You're not allowed.

From the beginning, the media has worked to paint Mr. Shannon Woodrow's case as a laowai cheating Chinese nationals, long before they got any facts on the case. A TV show called "Nanjing Upclose" (南京零距離) made their first program (with english subs, below) on April 18th, 2014, which was about halfway correct in its facts and had broken a verbal contract between Woodrow and Mr. Ian clark to allow legal council on the show. Subsequent shows in the series turned into vicious, slanderous attacks on Woodrow [1] [2] [3] [4] (in Chinese, no subs). The reporter for Lingjuli expressed to me that the reason she didn't allow a lawyer to talk about the case in the show as she'd promised us was because her superior ordered her to delete it. Her superior's name is a communist government official named Li Xiang, and he's the director of the Jiangsu TV *entertainment* devision (under which their fake news program resides). In all media coverage concerning Woodrow's case, his Whiteness has always been heavily emphasized, and slander against him from his wife has been given an open forum.

Woodrow is the victim of life-threatening discrimination in China. Chinese media targeted him, regardless of law or evidence, for a "foreigner cheats Chinese family" mashup, broadcasting to a vast audience of a very different race, in a country where he is an extreme minority. A group of thieves were allowed to gang up and steal his apartment with fabricated and forged documentation. The Qinhuai court has repeatedly stated that they will not accept Woodrow's case against Qinhuai Notary because their court will not accept foreigners. They also refuse to provide a notice (which is legally required), stating that they will not accept the case (called in Chinese 不予受理通知), i.e., they will not even admit they are not taking his case.

Woodrow is also discriminated against in Australia

In Australia, he had a restraining order put on him by a crazy (or sane?) foreigner (his wife) in chinglish, without demonstrating she even knows what she is saying in English and without providing any evidence. In the family court hearing, Lola's lawyer failed to inform Woodrow of the court date as she is legally required, and sent him an SMS *after* it already started. Why does Emma Mason break the law without any repercussions? Then in court, Woodrow was told to "shut up", and he wasn't allowed to say one word in his defense - neither was he allowed to present any evidence in his favor. Australia discriminates against White, straight men on the sole basis that they are White, straight and male.

Li Xiang (李響), Jiangsu TV director who allegedly ordered a media hit on Mr. Shannon Woodrow

"News reporter" (for Jiangsu TV's entertainment division) Zhang Jinmu (張錦沐) alleges that her superior, apparently the director of this division, Li Xiang (李響) wouldn't allow her to keep her promise to us to broadcast a professional legal opinion on the laws relevant to Woodrow's case. Instead they were ordered to make a low-brow Jerry Springer-type show broadcasting myriad all-out lies, mostly with Woodrow in absentia, all aiming at the theme of "foreigner cheats Chinese family". These lies are particularly dangerous, because Woodrow as a White male, is in a 0.001%.. minority in a city of ten million Han Chinese inhabitants. Threatening and illegal actions Nanjing Up-close (南京零距離) have taken include: 1) Showing pictures of his toddlers 2) Displaying his passport 3) Obtaining his medical records (also privacy protected under Chinese law)

張錦沐, hack, fake reporter for Jiangsu TV entertainment division
Zhang Jinmu (張錦沐), Jiangsu TV reporter who intentionally disseminated misinformation about Woodrow's case
4) Treating him like a fugitive from the law and encouraging millions of watchers to hunt him down 5) Sending paparazzi after him to take secret photos 6) Reporting on a case which is pending in a court of law (illegal under Chinese law). All of these actions taken against Woodrow were racially-motivated attacks whose sole purpose was to make non-Chinese look like vicious, lying cheaters out to destroy the lives of common Chinese families. Woodrow's actions have never violated any Chinese law, and no, the city housing bureau isn't insane. Woodrow's deed is correct: this apartment was his (as of filming, and is now in control of the courts), and could only be rented out or sold with his express written, notarized and photographed power of attorney. Interestingly, Woodrow (like Clark) is a former employee of Jiangsu TV, working for six months as a news broadcaster, and they are well-aware of his good character.

fake transcript
Woodrow's signature was forged on this document, but he cannot sue the notary because he's non-Chinese (click to enlarge)
fake power of attourney
Woodrow shows the power of attorney document that Lola forged and his deed to the apartment (only in his name) to Lingjuli. Later on, Lingjuli, on the orders of higher-ups in Jiangsu Provincial TV station, goes on to personally attack Woodrow with no reference to facts or relevant laws, apparently on the basis that all stories on non-Chinese vs. Chinese have to say the latter is the victim (click to enlarge)

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