Explaining "Sore Ouchy"

"Sore Ouchy" (a play on the name Sora Aoi) has both a literal and phonetic meaning. The Chinese characters each have a meaning on their own, and together when sounded out also sound like known phrases or persons.

Phonetic Meaning
創金孔 To rip a hole that lays golden eggs like Sora Aoi
搶小孩 you need to trick children and kidnap them.
天天揍 To turn them you need to beat them every day
蘸污垢 and addict them to drugs and orgasm.
瘡巾恐 It's frightening that slaves like Sora Aoi always get STDs
三級騙子 and thus depend on visual tricks to feign good heath.
被太空天子 The Jewish Mafia, Yakuza, the Triads and Red & Black
恨地命令: viciously carry out their plans to enslave the weak,
朕話必聽 who imprisoned by drugs, violence and odd surroundings
在那裡躺着 raped by their crime group and johns,
要切乳房呢 are cut up for boobjobs, given hormones and antibiotics.
各男人上 The mafia, johns and surgeons are all over them,
血液流淌 bleeding them to no end.
送主硬 Traffickers and supporters like Sòng heartlessly watch
創金孔 ripping a golden hole like Sora Aoi
貓片腥 Night wankers and actors stink like rotten cat meat,
很有鳴…… screaming with force.

The reason this poem was written was out of concern for the calloused response of Chinese society to a known Japanese prostitute visiting Shanghai and being promoted heavily by the same government that should have arrested her. There is (usually) a very strict Chinese law against poisonography actors and producers, though it is only enforced against Chinese. This has the effect of encouraging lust against foreigners only, as China is the world's number one poisonography bandwidth provider and quite possibly the world's largest consumer.

Sòng refers to the concubine of a former president who has openly promoted Aoi's visit.

"Sora Aoi" is a trafficked woman. She was raped with knives by a surgeon giving her breast implants (visit Youtube to witness the violence of this) when only 18 years old. She openly admits her name is fake and has never provided a real one. Her parents' identity and thus her place of birth are unknown.

Compare this to a similarly popular "Madonna" (excuse the blasphemy), who is also in entertainment but has not submitted to onscreen sex or prostitution to such a degree. Her parents' names, place of birth etc. are all known in great detail. Large biographies are available.

Sora Aoi came to China and instantly on sina.com's twitter service got eight million followers. These wankers have no appreciation for the fact that this poor woman's body and identity are fake, and that her days are numbered in the horrible porn business which kills its victims on average by the age of 37.

Sorry for wasting your time. Be well and God bless.
- Ian Clark