Cui Le's Web of Lies

How Cui Le lies about everything

cui's wisdom teeth pulled equals domestic violence
Cui said this was said this was swelling from wisdom teeth pulled on 2014/03/12, then presented it to police as domestic violence evidence on 2014/03/17
A notorized copy of the laws concerning marriage and real estate
This is the notorization of all relevant laws concerning the real estate, it clearly states that the apartment is equally owned by Woodrow and Cui.

Let's look into Mrs. Cui Le's various medacities.

"I have nothing. I have zero income" vs. "I own 25% of the apartment" vs. "I own 70% of the apartment"

Cui simultaneously claims to have nothing and no income, while claiming in Chinese court that she owns 25% of the apartment (25% of $640,000AUD or 450,000 euro is a lot). Legal experts all agree, as Chinese law is simple and clear on this issue; they were married in 2008 and all property between a married couple after this date is owned equally by each party (Here is a notarized copy stating the law on this issue in both Chinese and English). Cui's parents made the claim they have their share, probably because they were fooled by Cui that they might get free money, in exchange for her father doing all the legwork and putting up the case in Jiangning District Court. Further, it was the goal Cui and possibly also her parents to trap Woodrow in China. The clause made one of the fake documents from the Qinhuai Notary means that if anyone for any reason sues Woodrow, he's trapped in China. Therefore, from Cui's perspective, suing him was to harass him and trap him in China, and any legal expert, including her own lawyer, would have told her that she'd lose the case).

Based on her claim she has zero income and zero assets, the Australian government has awarded her free salary, free daycare for the kids, free university education, free dental and free solicitors which are harassing Woodrow with the Australian taxpayer's footing the bill.

Cui's TV persona states that she's poor and has nothing. Meanwhile, her Weibo (twitter) persona states she's rich and living it up. She drinks expensive liquor (and a lot of it), buys an iPhone 6S, and shows off new clothes as if she were in a fashion show. In the comments sections she intimates her enemies are little people with no money.

She's suing Woodrow because her father gave her money

The basis of their case in Jiangning is a single bank statement from 2010?? proving that Woodrow's father-in-law gave around 200,000 yuan to Cui. There was never any contract stating the money should be repaid, or that the money is buying a share of the apartment that was bought in 2013. Cui is one of the suing parties, so she is suing Woodrow (for 25% ownership of the home, when she owns 50% of it by law) based on money that her father gave her 3 years earlier. Make sense to you? Sure is confusing to us.

Like father, like daughter

In this video, Yuan Guang claims that he's paying the mortgage on the home, but in this TV spot from 2014/04/26, Cui claims that Woodrow is "malciously not paying his mortgage". His? Wait, we thought the apartment, according to the lawsuit, is also the property of three other people, and Yuanguang is paying the mortgage, even though he's old and has no retirement money. How could it be that only Woodrow can pay the mortgage? Also in this video from the 22nd, Cui claims she is suing Woodrow for the down payment which she said was mostly paid by her. This assumes what the TV station quoted her as saying before, that they are divorced (but they are not). If they aren't divorced, you can't sue your spouse to split up assets. If a father is a liar, his daughter is likely to be a liar, too.

"Woodrow wanted a divorce" vs. "We're already divorced" vs. "I wanted a divorce years ago"

Cui stated on this episode of Lingjuli on 2014/04/22 that she and Woodrow are divorced (that Woodrow asked for a divorce in Australia three months after they bought the apartment in Nanjing). Later on, on 2014/10/26 on her Weibo (twitter) post, she tweeted, "Tell Shannon to accept the divorce court summons." Gee, so a divorce hasn't even gone to court yet? And in China, it generally goes to court twice - and in Australia, you have to be separated for one year to even apply for a divorce.

"Shannon initiated the divorce" vs. "I initiated it" vs. "Shannon won't accept my divorce documents from the court"

Woodrow has never stated that he wants a divorce with Cui - to the contrary, he's repeatedly and publicly stated he wanted to get back together. Cui was the first to mention divorce, she continues to mention it, and she's the only one talking about it. Currently there are no proceedings in Australia (because the couple must be separated for one year or more), and she's trying to sue Woodrow for divorce in China (there is a court summons in Jiangning District Court and Woodrow is not accepting it).

"I pledge to uphold Australian law" vs. "I'm going behind the Australian government's back and suing Shannon in China"

Though Cui has taken an oath to uphold Australian law, has gotten Australian permanent residency (green card), has an Australian husband and two Australian kids, she's been going around the Australian government's back via power of attorney for her father, who has put up two cases against Woodrow in China.

"Shannon's parents are divorced" vs. Her own parents are divorced, and she won't talk about it

Cui says Woodrow's parents are divorced, and omits that her own parents are divorced, Woodrow actually drove Cui and her father to the divorce office and waited for the 20 minutes it takes to get divorced in China.

"I'm crazy" vs. "I'm perfectly sane"

随家仓病例 Suijiacang Medical report
A medical report from Nanjing's Mental health hospital.
Australian Medical Report
An Austrlian medical practice in Bathurst NSW stating that Cui is completely sane

Cui is and has been receiving a monthly salary from the Nanjing Bank's Xianlin Branch, her current/former place of work based on the records of Suijiacang Mental health hospital [see picture]. These records indicate that she was taking Luvox, Lorazepam and Zolpidem tartrate (Robins in China) (prescribed for serious mental disorders) in ever-increasing doses. She intends to receive these benefits for "Mental leave" for the rest of her life *while living in Australia*. (Interesting, huh?) As Nanjing Bank is government-owned and operated, its salaries are paid for by Nanjing taxpayers. A bank official notified me that the banks generally will not repeal a welfare claim because labour contract cases are a hassle. Plus, aha! Cui's uncle is an official in the Nanjing Labor Bureau (who incidentally got her the job at Nanjing Bank). See anything fishy?

Meanwhile in Australia, Cui gets an official, legally-binding assessment of her sanity which says she's perfectly sane. This is evidently required to gain Australian permanent residency status, and apparently needed to convince the court she is fit to take care of the children. Does Australian Family Court know that Cui was taking a valium-type drug for three years, and in increasing dosages, just before she came to Australia?

"Shannon has abandoned the family" vs. "Shannon has an AVO"

Cui simultaneously claims Woodrow has abandoned the family and is not allowed within 100m of the family. She makes the claim in this video, and flaunts she has him under AVO in [this screenshot/tweet]. (No evidence ever needs to be provided for an Australian AVO [restraining order], which makes it the perfect loophole for female and foreign fraudsters).

"Shannon is poor" vs. "Shannon is rich"

She says that Woodrow and his family are poor, while she makes an argument to delay court proceeding by telling the judge Woodrow is rich.

"Thank you, feminist solicitor" vs. "I beat my daughter"

In case you don't know, a lot of Chinese hate girls *because they're girls*. Cui failed to inform her feminist lawyers that she beats her daughter and won't lay a finger on her son, because her daughter is *female*. These lawyers are provided for free to Cui by the Australian government, on the false claim she has no money and apparently on the presumption she's not a misogynist.

"The legal system is fair" vs. "Stall that judgment!"

Cui has frequently stated on her weibo account that "法律是公證的" (justice is fair, the court's rulings will be respected), but on 2014/09/.. when the chief justice in the Jiangning district case (where they are claiming ownership to part of Woodrow's apartment) said, "You're 100% going to lose this case. Are you going to drop it?", Cui's legal representative, her father, said they won't drop it. Not only that, they're requesting baseless "open hearings" that delay the judgment of the Xuanwu Court, which is that the apartment belongs to the court, and that the second and third auction rounds should take place. She and her father are attempting to obstruct the normal proceedings of Chinese courts, and Cui is openly attempting to blackmail Woodrow into giving up 70% of the apartment's ownership (at this point, the money left over after auction) in exchange for his freedom to go home and try to see his kids one of these years.

Who's apartment is it?

According to Chinese law, the apartment belongs equally to both parties (not 70% to one or the other). On 2014/... Cui initiated a conversation to blackmail Woodrow. She said she can let Woodrow come home if he agrees to give her 70% of the apartment.

Cui the boozer

As you can see in the following screen shots of her WeChat and Weibo tweets, Cui has found something of a valium substitute.

Cui the child beater

Australian Medical Report
Cui stating on her Weibo that she hit Grace 20 times on the face for not eating her dinner

Cui bragged on her Weibo post that she "beat Grace twenty times" (for not eating her food when Grace has rotten teeth which Cui was refusing to take her to the dentist for).

Cui the adulterer

Cui has found a boyfriend and lets him play with the kids. Problem? She and Woodrow aren't divorced.

Her Weibo tweets are a veritable meat market. [image, image] In this post she says she likes "doing it" with two guys at once (in a conversation with a Nanjing Subway police officer).


Paranoid Cui

According to Cui, Woodrow has myriad lovers on the side. Unfortunately for her there can be no proof of such a thing, as such statements have always been lies, imagination, paranoia, and malicious false accusation.

Cui the racketeer

Cui has on two occasions attempted to blackmail Woodrow, while on the first occasion suggesting she personally has the power to lift his travel ban (she had the means to forge the documents to get the ban put him on the first place, and all the friends to put it into effect, so why wouldn't she be able to cancel it all?). The second attempt claims she'd found a buyer and that he can leave China if he allows this buyer to take the apartment. (Does she have the power to do that? The apartment is in control of the court, but knowing her, she may very well be able to do that.)

Until Woodrow can return to Australia, he's legally not allowed to work or sustain himself, and he has no home to live in. The courts have made zero allowances for his daily living.

Cui the rat

Cui has sued Woodrow four times in three different courts. She is going for the world record for the amount of times she can call the police, all without results.

Cui's Engrish Pwobwem

Cui can speak English just like Toonces can drive a car. She's never studied English before, nor has she ever passed any form of English competency test. She was given a green card based on a marriage which she doesn't want, yet that marriage is why her English requirement was waived. Her feminist lawyers (led by Emma Mason) coached her on what to say to get custody. When she went to report Woodrow for "domestic violence", her English was so terrible, the police asked Woodrow "Do you know anyone that can speak Chinese as it is really difficult to understand what she is saying". As readers will notice in the Engrish messages used as evidence throughout this page, they weren't kidding.

She claimed she understood all the Australian court documents she's signed, plus her formal statement she gave at the police station. Do you think she understands it? A foreign citizen is creating legally-binding documents against an Australian-born citizen based on language proficiency that she's already demonstrated to not have.

Woodrow is the victim of discrimination in both China and Australia. Chinese media targeted him, regardless of law or evidence, for a "foreigner cheats Chinese family" mashup, broadcasting to a vast audience of a very different race, in a country where he is an extreme minority. A group of thieves were allowed to gang up and steal his apartment with fabricated and forged documentation. The Qinhuai court has repeatedly stated that they will not accept Woodrow's case against Qinhuai Notary because their court will not accept foreigners. They also refuse to provide a notice (which is legally required), stating that they will not accept the case (called in Chinese 不予受理通知), i.e., they will not even admit they are not taking his case.

In Australia, he had a restraining order put on him by a crazy (or sane?) foreigner (his wife) in chinglish, without demonstrating she even knows what she is saying in English and without providing any evidence. In the family court hearing, Cui's lawyer failed to inform Woodrow of the court date as she is legally required, and sent him an SMS *after* it already started. Why does Emma Mason break the law without any repercussions? Then in court, Woodrow was told to "shut up", and he wasn't allowed to say one word in his defense - neither was he allowed to present any evidence in his favor. Australia discriminates against White, straight men on the sole basis that they are White, straight and male.

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Notice: All above statements are true as of this article's writing 2014/11/06