Chinese Anti-foreigner Property Confiscation

Mr. Woodrow's apartment building
Mr. Shannon Woodrow's apartment (view from outside, apartment is on the second floor) (click to enlarge)

How an Australian man was deprived of his $640,000AUD (€450,000) property via documents falsified by Qinhuai District Notary, Nanjing City Notary and East Asian Bank of Hong Kong and discriminated against in Chinese media because he is non-Chinese

Mr. Woodrow's deed
The inconvenient fact/thorn in the side of Chinese thieves: Mr. Shannon Woodrow's property deed (stating his notarized, official Chinese name, 谢龙 at top left). This deed was confirmed by Jiangning Court in a decision against Cui's parents and remains as shown here

Note the deed to Woodrow's apartment above. There is no divorce pending between Woodrow and his wife, and the apartment, up until it was handed over to Xuanwu District Court, was legally under his control and his control only. Woodrow's wife, in collusion with East Asian Bank's Zhou Zhongyu 周中於 (cell: 18651641215), produced a pile of documents signed with Woodrow's forged signature, one of which states it is illegal for Woodrow to do anything with his own home for thirty years, and another which states if anyone sues Woodrow, he agrees to be put under travel ban. After Woodrow was sued for no legal reason nor legal basis in Jiangning District Court by his wife and parents in-law, Woodrow was forced to pay for a lawyer, was under strict visa conditions not permitted to work. (Non-Chinese are not permitted to use public defenders, nor are they allowed legal services donated from news media. See here for more on anti-foreigner bigotry in China). The malicious lawsuit ensured that 1. Woodrow was under travel ban and 2. Woodrow would not have money to pay his mortgage. After one day of not paying his mortgage, the bank foreclosed on his property, and his wife announced on provincial TV that he was "probably" under travel ban. The Xuanwu District Court enforcement bureau judge, Jiao Yichun 焦宜春, East Asian Bank and Cui were apparently the only ones who knew about the travel ban, as the entry-exit bureaus in Nanjing and Shanghai and the Australian consulate all clearly stated to him that he was clear to leave China.

notice on door of illegal renters stating Shannon's apartment is equally owned by Cui, her parents and Woodrow
Notice on door of illegal renters stating Woodrow's apartment is equally owned by Mrs. Cui Le, her parents and Woodrow, a claim proven fraudulent by Jiangning Court's decision

When signing the mortgage contract, Woodrow provided only his passport and an Australian driver's license. All other documents are presumably fake. The general design of the fake documents was to make Woodrow the only one liable to pay the mortgage, and to subject him to several extremely unreasonable clauses, which, though in the mortgage contract which he in fact signed, had to have (as required by law for such unreasonable clauses) special notarization, which is all fake. Woodrow did not go to Qinghuai District notary office, has never seen these notary officers, and has never signed any such documents. The signatures are apparently illegal as Chinese law and his notarized name translation would seem to dictate that he sign both his Chinese and romanized names, and the most likely candidate for the forger is Cui herself. Cui's goal in forging the documents would be to avoid taxes (as without Woodrow being "single", a significant second home tax would have applied) and to ensure an easy way to trap Woodrow in China while she sues him in Australia, takes his kids, and defrauds the Australian government of various welfare payments. She also (along with the bank) trapped Woodrow as the only one who could pay the mortgage (from an exclusive account in his name), even though Chinese law clearly states that half of it belongs to his wife, i.e., it was a method for her to automatically appropriate half of his property.

Incidentally, though Cui's statements on Chinese TV and the above notice to her and her father's illegal renters claim partial ownership of the apartment, are in direct contradiction with the information she has given the Australian government.

崔遠光 Cui Yuanguang
Cui Yuanguang 崔遠光 (heretofore "Yuanguang"), Cui's father, a migrant worker who used a forged power of attorney for Woodrow sent by Cui via WeChat to 王明 Wang Ming (employee, Vanke Property Management).

The fake documents with forged signatures are (without being limited to):

  • a proof of singlehood
  • an agreement to be trapped in china if anyone sues him for any reason (whether a harassment suit or not, whether with good reason or not, with a verdict or not)
  • an agreement to not have the right to rent out his place or change its decoration for 30 years
  • an eight-page transcript of a conversation between Woodrow and the notary officer

Presumably Fake Documents (The bank will not show us these documents)

  • a proof of income
  • copies of a Z (work) visa
  • Bank Account Record
  • power of attorney for Yuanguang

...and several more.

fake power of attorney
Cui forged Woodrow's signature on this power of attorney document

Let's look the power of attorney document forged by Cui and sent to Vanke property management from Bathurst, Australia in early 2014. The photo (left) is bad quality because Vanke refuses to show the original photo sent from Cui, though when pressured by Nanjing news media, they produced a grainy print out to Woodrow. In the final debate between the illegal renters, Woodrow, and Vanke 14:00 2014/04/15, Vanke argued that the power of attorney was real, and the illegal renters (headed by Ms. Cheng Jiemin 程潔民) had to decide who was lying. Woodrow produced his deed, and a lawyer present explained that power of attorney documents must at least be notarized. Further, the illegal renters paid the money to Cui Yuanping 崔袁平 (Yuanguang's younger brother), and all documents concerning rental were only signed by Yuanguang. At that moment Cheng determined that Vanke and Yuanguang were lying, and signed an official statement, with fingerprint, stating that "Yuanguang's behavior is nothing but fraud". It is still unknown if Cheng sued Yuanguang or Yuanping for the $7,500AUD (€5,200). After Woodrow returns to Australia he will report this crime to the Australian police as forging a power of an attorney which took place on Australian soil against an Australian citizen.

Busting the Government for Falsified Documents

stinky, filthy rat hole called a notary office, Qinhuai (baixia) Notary, Nanjing
Qinhuai Notary (Formerly Baixia Notary): walls covered with cigarette tar, buts, spit and garbage on the floors, no queing (the most obnoxious customer wins). Woodrow had never visited this notary before 2014/06/05 and has never seen the notary officers nor their documents about him. In 2003, Qinhuai Notary was pronounced guilty of collusion with banks and falsification of documents

Timetable of refused service from Qinhuai Notary, and the Qinhuai District Court:

2014/06/05: The first visit to Qinhuai Notary (called Baixia Notary at the time of notarization). Clark, Woodrow, his lawyer and her assistant were told the notary officer/director was not there

2014/06/06: A notary officer agreed to get the original documents from the archives, but didn't specify when

2014/06/09: Wang Lei's lawyer, Mr. Qin 秦律師 (full name unknown, phone number: 13901584272), got very, very nervous. At first he refused to let Woodrow and his lawyer see the documents, but later agreed to let them make photocopies

2014/06/19: Clark, Woodrow and his lawyer went to Qinhuai Notary to request that they nullify the documents. Qinhuai Notary would only allow us to talk to Qin

the notary public who forged a pile of documents against Mr. Shannon Woodrow, who is constantly in hiding, never at his office
Wang Lei (王雷), notary public who forged documents in collusion with East Asian Bank, apparently for a handsome bribe

2014/06/27: We return to the notary requesting that they nullify their forged documents and/or talk to East Asian Bank and persuade them to do something fast to let Woodrow return home

2014/07/03: Clark, Woodrow and his lawyer go to Qinhuai District Court to sue Qinhuai Notary. Much to our surprise, the process of arguing with the court officials and head judge took hours, and finally the case was refused on the basis that Woodrow is not Chinese. Qinhuai District Court has also refused to provide evidence that they have refused our case, evidence which is necessary to report a court to a higher court for criminal behavior. Also of note, Wang Lei (the offending notary and cheif of his own notary office), challenged us on multiple occasions to sue him

2014/07/04: Wanglei refused to talk to Clark about nullifying Woodrow's notarized documents. A friend of his, Shen Zengliang 沈增良, relayed a message to me from him saying that we should take him to court (a court, which in turn, refuses to take our case and refuses to provide documentation to that effect)

2014/10/23: Woodrow, his lawyer, and Clark are told "It's not worth it to risk our jobs for 300 yuan" (indeed, which is why they've apparently taken bribes - and banks wouldn't have money, would they?), informs us that his superior (like always) is not there and that Woodrow's lawyer should return the next day to talk to Qin

2014/10/24: Woodrow's lawyer returns to the notary where Qin tells her that notaries don't make very much money (which gives them more reason to be corrupt), and confidently asserts (again) that we can go to Qinhuai Court (which is in the notary's back pocket)

2014/11/04: Woodrow's lawyer lodges a complaint against Qinhuai Notary to the Jiangsu Justice Bureau

Chinese notary offices are branches of the communist government

The first TV slot on Woodrow's case and the fraud perpetrated on him by Cui and Yuanguang

In Canberra
Fun in Canberra with daddy

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