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By Ian Clark

There can be No Debate

MGM advocates have no place in the company of decent, noble men. There is no debate to be had about male genital cutting. (For a parody of the so-called debate, see 0nision's rant below).  

The Decapitation Debate: Pros and Cons
This is my own parody of this "debate:"

Jews Want More Titillation

Either way, Jews are looking for more titillation. Certain Jews like Raymond Teller or Howard Stern oppose cutting because they feel deprived of pleasure. Other Jews support it because it "prevents infection" (from what? Just where are you sticking that thing?) Either way, their exploitation of women, promotion of porn and female slavery (prostitution) is well-documented. They are like color blind people trying to see color their whole lives, except that they victimize people in the process. They claim to want their foreskins back for "more pleasure," but silly Yids - it's promiscuity that infected your foreskins and made you cut them off in the first place. It is sad that most will never attain the God bliss which comes with virginity and chastity. They will never even have some of the pleasures of a happy, normal family.

The Way Out

Due to their historic and famous promiscuity, these Jews (and other Jews, Sub-saharan Africans, mid-west Americans and South Koreans) don't deserve a foreskin today - but some among them have room to get one tomorrow. If they want this change it is important that we work with them. Below is healthcare expert John Travis talking about infant wellness and trying to bring more people into the fold of compassionate, normal and healthy people.

John Travis on Infant Wellness

Many women were genitally mutilated in the USA as well, and many of these women may not know that it happened to them. These women can go through the same healing process and attain spiritual wholeness and satisfaction. One such woman is Patricia Robinette:

Hear Patricia Robinette's story

Serial Killers are Circumcised

We have two pages that deal directly with this issue:

perverteco_kaj_cirkumcido.htm: a random sampling of serial killers shows that all come from very high circumcision prevalence areas
kbh/circ_karma.htm: there are several examples of extremely vicious serial killers, obsessed with rape and genital cutting, who are confirmed circumcision victims

Discovering the circ issue explained a great deal about the perversions of American men. America is the world's number one producer of porn and serial killers. American women report that cut men are much more lusty, and many of them complain of excessive thrusting (which I later found out is due to their lack of foreskin). But as we will see, American women are in on this emasculation craze, and I'm sorry to say, they don't look, talk, or act very much like women.

Cut Men Have No Sexual Nerves

Since production of the "How to Heal from Circumcision" video, I have done a lot more research into what a foreskin is and what the effects of its removal are.

As you research MGM, you'll uncover more and more amazingly disgusting facts. First of all, I was shocked to find that a full 15 square centimeters of skin is missing on the adult cut male. Second, what is in that skin are the meissner's corpuscles - the male erogenous tissue. That's right, around 100% of those nerves are gone in the cut male organ - they physically have no sexual nerve endings in their genitalia, and all that is left are the nerves which feel pain (along the shaft) and pressure (in the head). Aside from the nerves in the cut penis being non-erogenous, their most sensitive nerve is duller than the dullest nerve in the foreskin.

According to Fleiss, Paul, M.D., “The Case Against Circumcision,” Circumcision removes up to 80% of the penis’s skin and:

Careful anatomical investigations have shown that circumcision cuts off more than 3 feet of veins, arteries, and capillaries, 240 feet of nerves, and more than 20,000 nerve endings. The foreskin’s muscles, glands, mucous membrane, and epithelial tissue are destroyed, as well. [[7]] 

So much for "a little flap of skin" and a pinprik operation.

Actually MGM is Worse than FGM

We are told that female circumcision is worse, yet new research shows that female victims retain much of their erogenous nerve endings (around 12,000), pretty much most of the clitoris (which is mostly hidden inside the female body). In America, female circumcision was less severe in it's physical results than male circ.

MGM Pain Worst Known to Man

And third, the circumcision of a male baby has become the standard in pain research as the most excruciating pain known to man. All pain is measured by this standard.

Out of Africa

Fourth is the racial angle, reported on in my video, "The African Cure for Lisa Masterson." As Youtube is run by Jews, they were very alarmed by the racial awareness and the critique of their own misandrist mutilations, banning the video in less than two weeks. What was so taboo there? Aha. The secret is: all circumcision in the world pretty much comes from Sub-saharan Africa, which is now arguably the poorest, filthiest, most violent place in the world. It clearly shows the barbaric origins with two maps - one for FGM, the other for MGM. The so-called "medicine" in that part of the world is pretty much this: if something hurts, cut it off. Heck, if it doesn't hurt, cut that off, too. And so what is the cure for the rabid bitch man-hater, Lisa Masterson? What will cure her of all her ills, including her violent tendencies and butchering of our European baby boys? According to this video, decapitation. As an African herself, she roundly deserves this uniquely African cure (though honestly that would be letting her off way to easy).

Jewtube censorship

Spiritual Ramifications

In recent news, two good examples of the spiritual ramifications of baby cutting in the USA are the migration of Africanized, killer bees  and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The bees represent the violent hatred from savage regions (circumcision) spreading through White society. The oil spill represents the massive incontinence of fluids that American men (Yankees, i.e., wankers) regularly and often daily inflict upon themselves. Masturbation is a particularly difficult problem for cut men.


1. Until there is a mass reduction of porn and masturbation in America, the oil gush will continue.

2. Until male baby penis cutting stops, the bees will continue multiplying and spreading north.

As I predicted in 1999 with my immigration to China, America is going down the tubes, disintegrating, losing it. Is this itself a cause for hope? It's a 12-step program adage that "hitting rock bottom" puts people in a crisis which must be solved, and that this hitting rock bottom itself is often the cure for the disease.

I'm sorry to say this, but it's wrong - the idea as stated is the cart before the horse. People are run and operated by their soul, not their external surroundings. In short, America hitting rock bottom and going Mexico will not in any way increase their chances of turning around. After America's demise it is in fact very likely that America will always be a horrible place, with no hope in sight. The only hope for anyone or any country is that people turn themselves around from the spiritual level.

How to Heal from Circumcision

by Ian Clark
2008/09/13, updated on 2010/06/24
Ian Clark

Could circumcision be a fundamental aspect of American corruption?  What if the rape and mutilation of infant boys caused them to "act out" in a manner similar to abused females?  Are more most American males acting like "damaged goods"?

This video attempts to answer these questions and council male victims.


references and comments:

Could it be that in the West it is chiefly the mothers who are requesting emasculation of infant boys?

In the Penn and Teller special about it, notice the female of the couple is pushing for the emasculation operation:
(warning: contains foul language and explicit images)

Also in this documentary, a Dutch journalist/filmmaker Michael Schaap seeks to ask his mother about why she agreed to the abuse:

And also this case of a mother suing to circumcise her son reported on Fox news:

Australia is among the countries that peaked in emasculation during the 1970's.  This article confirms that, and includes an interesting quote:
"One Australian Obstetrician, Dr Derek Llewellyn-Jones wrote in his book 'Everywoman' that 'It is said that mothers demand it, doctors profit by it, and babies cannot complain about it'."  Notice he didn't say fathers demand it.  Could there be more mothers demanding this than fathers?

Two professors/doctors say yes:

It has been demonstrated that mothers more than fathers usually decide whether to have their sons circumcised.
From Marvel L. Williamson, Ph.D., R.N.  and Paul S. Williamson, M.D. in the study Women's Preferences for Penile Circumcision In Sexual Partners.
listen to what I say

Hypocrisy by Design

In Western countries today, only females are protected from genital mutilation.  Read this court challenge from Canada which officially questions this policy:

Hon. David Tsubouchi

Solicitor General of Ontario

Dear Minister:

I am writing to obtain clarification of some points of law relating to female genital mutilation (FGM) and male circumcision.

I have obtained a copy of a memorandum [1] to all Chiefs of Police issued on October 7, 1994, by Fred Peters, Assistant Deputy Minister, Policing Services Division. This memorandum advises among other things, that (a) "female genital mutilation is the removal of, or injury to, any part of the female genital organ," (b) "existing sections of the Criminal Code concerning sexual assault and wounding can be used to deal with the problem," and (c) "if the girl dies of her wounds, the person performing the procedure and the parents could be charged with criminal negligence causing death (up to life imprisonment)."

The points I would like clarified are as follows:

1. Is the removal of, or injury to, any part of the male genital organ considered to be male genital mutilation? If not, please explain why.      

2. Could existing sections of the Criminal Code concerning sexual assault and wounding be used to stop infant male circumcision? If not, please explain why.   
3. If a male infant dies from complications of circumcision, could the person performing the procedure and the parents be charged with criminal negligence causing death? If not, please explain why.

I would appreciate a response at your earliest convenience.



Dennis Harrison 

original link:
Link contains judge's reply, which contains no answers.

Why does David Tsubouchi refuse to answer these questions? don't ask me questions!

United Nations condones sexism and genital mutilation

August 16, 2001

Although the UN aggressively opposes female genital mutilation (FGM), the organization condones male genital mutilation. Speaking on behalf of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers [1] and Attorneys for the Rights of the Child [2], J. Steven Svoboda, Esq. noted, "Some day we will come to understand the misguided nature of our attempts to explain why any violation of female genitals is criminal while a comparable, serious, extremely painful, and disfiguring alteration of male genitals is permissible."



"The prudes did it!"

Many will tell us that John Harvey Kellogg promoted it to prevent masturbation, and that that's why we have emasculation in the US. 

It's the f'in prudes, you a-hole! It's the f'n prudes doing it, you a-hole! [1] [2]

Though Kellogg may have believed himself, science shows that MGM increases masturbation and perversion [3]. Furthermore, circumcisions didn't peak in the 1870's but the 1970's.

According to Vice Magazine Vol. 6 No.1, February 1999, page 54:

Ignorance and greed combined to make circumcision a routine medical practice for the better part of this century. During the 1960s and 1970s, circumcision rates peaked in Western countries.

Why?  The 70's was the era when promotion of masturbation as healthy got rolling. It was the era when pornography became rampant.  (Porn is used for masturbation and also for promoting demeaning gender roles and the anal-sex gateway to homosexuality). To most Americans, the 1960's and 70's bring up the words "Sexual revolution," "free sex," and aside from this, circa 1965 to 1975 was Johnson's Great Society when the crime rate more than doubled. After this era it was commonplace for parents to live in fear of their children being kidnapped. And last but not least, there was the feminist movement, which certainly condoned male genital mutilation while fervently opposing it for women.

So it should come to no surprise that the proponents of male infant penis cutting are infused with sexual perversion (represented by the new porn industry), criminally violent tendencies (represented by the doubling of crime rates), and rabidly anti-male sentiments (represented by the mutilation of male sex organs).

Finally, circumcision itself is a fetish, shared by a small but lusty group of perverted men. If Kellogg was really a prude, he wouldn't have been able to rip off little boys' pants and cut up their penises. A real prude (a true sexpert, a puritan) would not want to even see their boys' penises, much less touch them - much less cut them up - (or if you're Jewish) much less suck the blood on them with their mouths. "The prudes are doing it" is a silly theory unsupported by blatant reality.

Putin uses circumcision as a threat

Reporter asks: Don't you think that by trying to eradicate terrorism in Chechnya, you are going to eradicate the civilian population of Chechnya?
"Those barbarians will cut you clean!"

Putin: If you want to become an Islamic Fundamentalist and be circumcised, come to Moscow.  We are multi-confessional.  We have very good specialists.  And I can recommend one for the operation.  He'll make sure nothing grows back!


Perhaps he'd be surprised to find out that not only do barbaric Arabs and sadistic Jews cut genitals, but also Americans.

Other thoughts about Russia

Russia along with Scotland is said to be a final haven for masculinity.  It is said that in Russia you see men who are thoroughly and uncompromisingly masculine.  Could their matter-of-fact rejection of male genital mutilation [MGM] be a reflection of this?

Circumcision as Gender War

Concerning the excision of 20% of male penises, people doubt that gender war and feminism play a role.  Yet with clitorectomy, there is no dearth of condemnation for patriarchy:

FGM [Female Genital Mutilation] is a manifestation of gender-based human rights violations that exist in all cultures that aim to control women's sexuality and autonomy. Though striking because of its severity and scale, FGM cannot be viewed in isolation. Recognizing that FGM is one of many forms of social injustice that women suffer worldwide is key to creating societies in which women are valued as full and equal participants.....

The UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women recognizes that violence against women not only deprives them of their civil and political rights, but also their social and economic rights, saying that, "the underlying structural consequences of these forms of gender-based violence help to maintain women in their subordinate roles, contribute to their low level of participation and to their lower level of education, skills, and work opportunities." The Declaration provides that states should not invoke any custom, tradition, or religious consideration to avoid their obligation to eliminate violence against women, and that they must exhibit due diligence in investigating and imposing penalties for violence, and establishing effective protective measures....

States are obligated under international law to prevent, investigate, and punish violence against women. Out of the twenty-eight African countries that practice FGM, twenty-six have ratified the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)....

FGM is rooted in a culture of discrimination against women.

-Amnesty International [source]

What they fail to mention about the 28 African countries is that they also practice MGM.  FGM is also less commonly practiced in these countries than MGM. Why is FGM "rooted in a culture of discrimination against women" but MGM is not related - in any way - to discrimination against men?

MGM increases masturbation and deviancy

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found...that circumcised men were more likely to engage in various sexual practices. Specifically, circumcised men were significantly more likely to masturbate and to participate in heterosexual oral sex than uncircumcised men. [3]

This raises significant questions about Jews.  Although some sites will assert that Jews are our saviors against MGM [4] [5], a whopping 3.2% of Israeli men are intact [6].  

That makes the equation:

     Almost all Jewish men are circumcised 
+  "circumcised men [are] significantly more likely to masturbate and participate in heterosexual oral sex"

=   Jewish men are more likely to masturbate and go down on women.

The equation equally applies to other populations with high rates of MGM - like Arabs, central Africans, South Koreans and Americans.

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Legal Notice: Two Whites don't make a wrong.


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I am not "uncut."

Hello there, uninformed simpleton!
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What do YOU think about decapitation?

[1] See the Penn and Teller special on MGM where they blame Kellogg, a  dead man with a few mistaken beliefs, back when MGM could not be said to be prevalent:
(warning: contains foul language and explicit images)
[2] Penn's foul language and mind have to be seen to be believed.  See this interview for an accurate portrayal.

[3] Laumann, E. et al., "Circumcision in the U.S.: Prevalence, Prophylactic Effects, and Sexual Practice," JAMA 277 (1997): 1052–1057.
[6] Some Jews question rite of circumcision Deseret News (Salt Lake City,  Jun 30, 2007  by Judy Peres Chicago Tribune See also: 97% of Jewish Public Favors Circumcision (or this archive), Israel Faxx, 2007/03/22